Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Wien,

I'm leaving today.
I'm waiting for the airplane that will take me away from you as I type this.
I really don't even want to think about leaving, but since it's pretty much inevitable, I might as well leave you with a few words.

To tell you the truth, your first impression wasn't the best.
It was dark and dreary and rainy when we first arrived on January 19th, and the weather didn't clear up for another few days.  I thought you looked just like any other city I had been to, and quite frankly, I was disappointed.
Was this really the Vienna that everyone had been talking about?

I don't actually know when or why I started loving you.
It certainly wasn't the frigid weather that did it ;)
It wasn't seeing Stephensdom in the rain for the first time, for sure.
It definitely wasn't miserably walking down the Naschmarkt and around Karlsplatz, freezing to death.
Maybe it was the Staatsoper or the Musikverein.
Or maybe the Mozart statue, your shimmering snow, the Rathaus, or walking down Kahlenburg.
And maybe it was the Milka bars, Giotto balls, Schokocroissants, and the Peach gummies.

Well, all of this doesn't really matter……
All that matters is that I really really love you, and that I will really really really miss you.
I did so much in Wien, and there is still sooooo much I could do.  3 months was much, much too short.
I think I will go through culture shock again when I get back to America.
Oh Wien……I could stay here for another 3 months……and maybe another 3 or 4 more……:)
I think I will just have to sit in cry, the whole airplane ride to America.

Well, my time is short, and I need to catch my plane soon……
Auf Wiedersehen, Wien……we WILL meet again.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the great memories and experiences.




  1. Michelle!!! This made me want to cry for missing you and Vienna! This post is my favorite so far...definitely loving Vienna did not come outside Stephansdom on Day 1 but even massive "Steffl" grew on me eventually. =) Beautifully done, my dear!

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